Reunion Time

This date has been an important day here at Leftwoods Pub for this is the 9th anniversary of our establishment. We lacked the cunning to ham it together this year. We are open and moving forward though, and we are grateful. Happy Hour lasts until 8pm!Whiskey Wednesday kicks off afterward!The Smoke Bros will be serving…

Take The Smoke Bro’s home with you!

If you haven’t tried these boys, you’re missing out! It’s not always easy to dine in your favorite dive. Every day is a little different from the day previous, so please hit us up to get the menu.Please stay tuned. Or even just come up get your dinner to go and maybe have a drink.

New Merch!

Hello Leftwoods Fans! We have new merch! Masks in 3 different styles $10Coozies $3 Talk to your favorite bartender for more details!

Tempary Hours

While dealing with this tough time in the world we have altered our hours. They are as followsMonday : ClosedTuesday : 5pm – 12amWednesday : 5pm – 12amThursday : 5pm – 12amFriday : 5pm – 2amSaturday : 5pm – 2amSunday : 5pm – 12pm Come out eat some food and have a few drinks!

Yea COVID-19!

So here at Leftwoods we strive to be the place with the best music. Here lately that goal is getting a bit difficult, what with the pandemic and shut down. That being said we need help, bills and employees still need to be paid. We have started a Go Fund Me to help with that…

FINALLY, our time has come

After what seemed like an eternity, we’re back b*tches! The time shut gave us opportunity to update and clean many things in the Woods. She polished up well, so lets get summer and patio season get into full swing. Our tap wall shall bring some new flavors to your pallet Follow us on Untapped!

2nd Annual Music Shelters

Leftwoods is at it again, helping the community through music! With the help of some very generous bands we are helping Amarillo Housing First keep the heat on at their Code Blue Warming Stations. Hosted By Dave Regal Performances IncludeJ TrialBlack CasketsDude-Man&Jostlynn Plums Door Starts 8pm$10 a person$15 a couple$5 off with a beanie &/or…

Power Hour!

You asked and you got it! Come into Leftwoods 3-4 pm EVERYDAY and get your drink for $2! (Most everything)

Sunday Fun day.

This coming Sunday we will be closed for our company picnic / water fight. But fret not your pretty head we will be back again same bat time same bat channel.

Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method!

Tonight (8/14/2019) at Leftwoods we present Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method! Polly is one of the most storied song-smiths to hit our stage. The whole line up delivers a rock driven blues sound you do not want to miss! We could waste our time continuing to sing their praises, our you could come out…