Whether we wonder which style to choseBe it bourbon, scotch, Canadian, or even American blend We wistfully wrest the weird with this: Is there any coincidence that Whiskey and Wednesday both start with UU? Either way, and whatever you choose,Leftwoods Pub has $1 off all Call Whiskeys after happy hour

Unique times

Hello Children of the Woods We find ourselves in a strange world for sureThe best thing for comfort is good friends and familyAnd when you’re tired of one or the other, swing by for a cold one. There are many opportunities to quench oneselfLettuce get you what you need And meet some interesting folk


Here we are…The hot season has come calling, and with it comes opportunity Here at Leftwoods PubWe know it’s the beginning of touring seasonSOWe are banging out three great shows right off the bat… ThursdayA 2-way rock show!! Like Before&User Unauthorized Friday On Holiday Some punks from OKC!! SaturdayA good ole fashion RAVE!!! withMr OSpanish…


Here we are with the weather playing games with our hearts and souls…and sinuses. But as life begins to burst forth from the folds of winter,we should take this opportunity, and celebrate life and luck. For March 17, 2022,we will be hosting BJ Productions& Company St Panties Day,if you will… We will be putting this…

Fun in Action

Hello, Children of the Woods!!We love our live music around these parts, no question!However,The market for traveling talent has been, well…Frighteningly hard to come by to say the least. We have not been idle,The local talent has given us everything they’ve got, And we are extremely grateful.By strokes of luck,We have upcoming musicians ready to…