Learning with Benefits

Even with the wisdom of all my life’s opportunities and all their rights and wrongs, I find myself learning something new all the time. Frankly I’m glad. Here at Leftwoods, we have taken our collective knowledge and are creating new opportunities all the time.

But I digress…
As we make our way through this pandemic we still hope to provide some entertainment and homemade food along with some great, or odd, company. We’ve begun to update our menu with some hearty warm soup so swing on by for a bowl.
We’ll give you a free taste!

Don’t forget coming the 30th
Leftwoods Pub presents
The 3rd Annual
Amarillo Housing First – Project Code Blue
Music Shelters
We’re gathering music and art for the benefit of AHS Project Code Blue,
providing warming stations for the less fortunate on the coldest of nights.
We’ll get the details up soon, so mark your calendars!