For those who’ve come to love Leftwoods over that past 9 odd years, first off, thank you. While we may not have had all of you in that duration, there was one fantastic woman who helped shape all the Regulators.
We have lost one of our own, Mrs. April Turley.
She was one of the first bartenders and matrons here at the Woods, long before the Whiskey or Tap walls were as magnificent as they are now. And while the ‘Old Bitch’ had a reputation, her knowledge, attitude, and intuition were the qualities that we loved the best about her.

This being said, we shall be having a show with gathering in memorial this Saturday the 19th for this fantastic mother, grandmother, and surrogate-mom to us all.
We will be having food donations that night as well, so please bring your canned goods.
In turn, let us not be sad, she would’ve kicked our asses, let us instead have the party she would have wanted.

Party on Children of the Woods.